Looking for 3M N95 masks for sale? Even better masks are under $3 at Amazon

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3M N95 Mask For Sale

  • 3M N95 masks are for sale at numerous retailers now, including Amazon, but prices are sky-high right now as sellers continue to gouge prices.
  • That’s why BGR Deals readers are swarming Amazon to get Powecom KN95 face masks instead.
  • Powecom’s masks are the only KN95 masks on Amazon that are FDA-authorized, and they were found by NIOSH to work even better than most 3M N95 masks.
  • After selling out last week, these highly sought-after masks are now back in stock at a surprisingly deep discount.

People in regions all across the country are bracing for yet another massive wave of coronavirus infections now that schools have reopened and the flu season is right around the corner. It seems to be inevitable at this point, and we’ve already seen tens upon tens of thousands of students and teachers forced to quarantine due to COVID-19 exposure. But the good news is that it’s really not difficult at all to protect yourself so you don’t become just one more COVID-19 stat. Wear a face mask anytime you leave your home. Practice social distancing by staying as far away from other people as you can. And wash your hands anytime you touch a surface or object in a public space.

For hand hygiene on the go, there are some terrific hand sanitizer options on Amazon right now. The hottest listings right now are 12-packs of 8oz Purell pump bottles and 12-packs of 12.6oz Purell bottles sold directly by Amazon at the lowest price on the internet.

As far as face masks, Amazon’s best-selling 3-layer coronavirus face masks are great for low-risk situations and they’re on sale right now for just $0.36 each. You’d have to be crazy not to pick up at least a box or two since we’ll all need to keep wearing face masks for the foreseeable future. If you want something a bit sleeker, you can also find black 3-ply face masks and reusable cloth face masks in stock right now.

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For higher-risk situations, however, you need a better face mask that does more to protect you — 3-ply masks mainly keep you from spreading COVID-19 if you’re already infected.

3M face masks are considered by many to be the gold standard, and you can actually get them on Amazon right now along with NIOSH N95 masks from other top brands like Moldex and Harley. But there are two reasons you shouldn’t necessarily buy them. First, N95 masks are still in very short supply for healthcare workers and other people on the front lines of the war against the novel coronavirus. And second, most N95 masks you’ll come across online are price-gouged. Instead of getting N95 masks, you should consider KN95 masks. Good KN95 face masks are just as effective as N95 masks — the “95” in both ratings means they block at least 95% of small airborne particles — and they’re far less expensive.

If you want protection from the coronavirus that’s even better than most 3M N95 masks out there, you need to check out Powecom KN95 face masks now that they’re back in stock.

Powecom KN95 face masks are the only KN95 masks on Amazon that have been tested by NIOSH and are on the FDA’s list of KN95 masks that are authorized for medical use. Beyond that, NIOSH’s testing found that these masks are up to 99.2% effective as opposed to the 95% minimum for an N95 or KN95 mask. Most popular N95 masks from 3M and other top companies were found to filter between 95% and 98% in NIOSH’s tests, so NIOSH says that these Powecom masks work even better!

You can easily pay $100 or even more for a 10-pack of comparable N95 masks because prices are so inflated, but these FDA-authorized KN95 masks from Powecom retail for $45 per 10-pack. Grab them today, however, and you’ll only pay $26.05 — that’s just $2.61 per mask! What’s more, this is an Amazon discount as opposed to a coupon, so you can buy as many packs as you want at this price instead of just one. These masks sold out last week when tens of thousands of our readers swarmed Amazon to get them, so you shouldn’t expect them to stay in stock for too much longer.

Those masks are our top choice and they’re the best-selling KN95 masks among our readers, but there are two more great options we want to share. If Powecom’s masks sell out again, or if you’re looking for some variety to ensure you get masks with the best possible fit, check out COVAFLU KN95 face masks and SupplyAID KN95 face masks. The COVAFLU masks are by a British healthcare company called Clinova, and they’re extremely popular on Amazon at just $3 each. SupplyAID masks are just as effective, and 5-packs are in stock right now.

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