Local General Contractors | Angie’s List

1. How much do contractors typically charge?

Answer: The average cost to hire a contractor is between $45 – $85 dollars per hour, while some may be more expensive, there will typically not be any cheaper options that would be qualified and licensed to do the contracting work.

2. How much are typical contractor project costs?

Answer: The average cost for a construction, redmodeling, or contractor project is between $4,000 – $18,000 dollars.  However, each project is different and costs can range from $1500 to change a small room, compared to millions of dollars for a whole home remodel or construction.

3. Should contractors be certified or licensed?

Answer: Yes.  Each state has their own requirements for licensing and certifications for contractors.  Be sure to check our state licensing tool to review the local contractor guidelines.

4. What questions should I ask a contractor?

Answer: There are several questions or things to know before hiring a contractor to do any work in your home.

  * Have they done business under another name?

  * What is their license number?

  * Do they have valid insurance?

  * What is the best way to communicate changes?

5. How many contractors are in the US?

Answer: According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2017, there are 403,800 contractors employed in the US.  Their average salary is $43.93 per hour, with an annual wage of $91,370.

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