Journal Times editorial: Take steps to prevent the next Kenosha | Editorial

Evers himself said last week, “Clearly I would not change a thing I did. We met every request the city and county of Kenosha asked us.”

Whether it was enough has depended on your politics to this point.

For now, let’s disregard politics and agree that the governor did everything he could as fast as he could when widespread protests began and unrest soon followed. No debate, the early response was what the state could do and it showed great teamwork.

And the result: Kenosha burned.

There is no debate about that either. At last estimate there is $50 million worth of damage to as many as 100 businesses. The Uptown took a staggering blow.

The Guard was here – the governor did what he could – and Kenosha burned about 30 hours after the Blake shooting.

That cannot happen again, as the County Board supervisors said.

But what has to change to strengthen the state’s response when protests escalate? How can the state – and the Guard – move faster?

What if protests and riots erupt suddenly in another Wisconsin city? Can the state do better?

Rather than waving their partisan flags and issuing statement after statement in support or against the governor’s actions, Republicans and Democrats in Wisconsin should be working 24/7 to make changes that would prevent what happened in Kenosha on August 24-25.

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