Journal Times editorial: Busing prep athletes outside city doesn’t protect anyone | Editorial

A lot of wacky rules have emerged in the name of preventing the spread of COVID-19. One of the strangest involves local schools and sports.

Students at St. Catherine’s and Racine Lutheran high schools are able to play soccer, football and volleyball. But they cannot play or practice in the city.

Those two schools, unlike their Racine Unified counterparts, are allowing those sports to be played. But under the City of Racine’s Safer at Home ordinance, those “high-risk” sports cannot be played within city limits.

So to practice, Lutheran and St. Catherine’s athletes need to be transported to fields or facilities outside city limits. Likewise, there are no home games, just away games.

“If the sport/activity is not permissible under the ordinance, it doesn’t matter whose facility is used, it’s not permitted,” Racine Communications Director Shannon Powell said in early September, explaining the decision.

The list of “high-risk” activities includes football, basketball, soccer, softball, baseball, volleyball and roller derby.

“Low risk” activities such as walking, biking, tennis, pickle ball and skateboarding are allowed in the city.

So the kids could walk, bike or skateboard on their way out of city limits to get to their practice. As long as they don’t kick a soccer ball or throw a baseball or football while they walk, they should be OK.

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