Hydrow’s new ‘Hotel Finder’ makes travel fitness easier

With summer trips on the horizon, you may be wondering how you’ll keep your home fitness routine on the road. Hydrow has rolled out a new Hotel Finder to help you out. Here members can search for properties that have the Hydrow rower available for use.

Currently, there are less than 30 hotels on the list, but these numbers will likely increase as Hydrow continues to grow.

Hydrow is encouraging members with short-term rentals of their own, to add their properties to the available list. That is not something we’ve seen with the Peloton Hotel Finder.

Hydrow’s Hotel Finder

‘Hotel Finders’ is a mutually beneficial tool that could eventually become an industry standard. Connected fitness equipment that requires an ongoing membership can be a hard sell for people who spend significant time traveling. This could help fitness companies to entice those people.

And for the hotels and rentals, having available connected fitness equipment could make them more appealing to diehard subscribers of Hydrow, Peloton, etc.

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