Experience matters in real estate

Real estate is in Lisa Cashion’s DNA, and the industry seeped in through osmosis, as her mother was one of the first Realtors with Beth Wolff when she first opened her real estate company.

“I grew up in Beth Wolff Realtors’ offices, as I was in and out all the time watching my mother and Beth Wolff work. I also grew up with Beth Wolff’s son, Ed, who is president of the company,” said Cashion, a Realtor with Beth Wolff Realtors Real Living.

Prior to real estate, Cashion had a diverse career in the music industry across the region and retail, working for top names in both industries, where she also held executive titles.

In these positions, she traveled the country, handled million-dollar negotiations, built relationships with clients and vendors, managed stores, and more.

“A while back, I took a year off to care for my daughter after her surgery. During that year, I was also looking for a career change, and I’d see Ed Wolff at community functions. We’d talk. When he mentioned real estate, I knew it would be a natural fit.”

“Plus, being mentored by Ed and Beth was an honor. It is also special to work for the same company as my mother. For more than 30 years as a Realtor with Beth, my mother passed away,” Cashion said.

As a native Houstonian, Cashion has lived in many areas around the city, such as Meyerland and Memorial, where she grew up.

“My family has returned to the Meyerland area, which is part of my focus area that includes Bellaire, Memorial, Inner Loop, Cypress, Sugar Land, and Galveston,” Cashion said.

She brings a lot of experience to the table, with skills she honed in previous careers such as organization, active listening, a strong work ethic, and building strong relationships. All benefit her real estate clients today. She is also known for being outgoing, resourceful, available for clients — and most of all, she loves people.

“My clients also appreciate my eye for interior design, which is a strong passion and hobby of mine. But most of all I love helping people find the home of their dreams, the one that fits their lifestyle and gives them stability and comfort,” Cashion said.

But most of all, Cashion loves it when people walk through a house she is showing, and they turn to her and say, ‘This is the house we want.’

“Hearing those words is what makes my day,” Cashion said.

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