Didirri releases his second EP, ‘Sold For Sale’

Didirri has today (September 25) released the second EP of his career, ‘Sold For Sale’.

The EP features the previously released singles ‘The Critic’, ‘Don’t fight with what you’re fighting for’, ‘Raw Stuff’, ‘Blue Mood Rising’ and ‘Loose Belt Drive’ alongside two new tracks.

‘Sold For Sale’ follows on from Didirri’s 2018 debut EP, ‘Measurements’. Stream the new EP below:

Didirri recorded the EP between Sunset Sound studio in Los Angeles, a house in rural Victoria, and his Brunswick home. He enlisted the help of a range of musicians from around the globe, some of whom recorded their parts from isolation during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I was working with some of the sharpest musicians I’ve ever worked with, you know people who play with Pink Floyd and Queens of the Stoneage and Lana Del Ray,” Didirri said in a statement.

“Just these ridiculous players who work with phenomenal people.”

Notably, Didirri recorded the EP’s title track, one of the two songs not to be released ahead of the EP, entirely from isolation. The Melbourne-based singer-songwriter was backed by musicians recording their tracks from Geelong and Los Angeles.

“Every time a car went past we had to scratch the tape and go again,” Didirri said.

“I am surprised we managed to finish the song, honestly. But we did in the end and it was a massive international co-lab over Zoom which is a super cool way to finish the record.”

In celebration of his album, Didirri is playing a virtual show this evening (September 25) at 7:30pm AEST. He is also scheduled to tour Australia during November, however, there is no word yet whether border closures will affect these plans.

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