Cheapest vacation rentals in the UK

A vacation rental is a furnished property that is temporarily rented to travellers or tourists as an alternative to a hotel. It can be a furnished apartment or a professionally managed resort complex. Some rentals tend to provide services similar to hotels, while others offer their clients the freedom to cook their meals. Depending on how long your vacation will be, the average cost of a rental vacation could turn out to be less than that of a hotel. Always use review sites such as to find reputable vacation rental companies. This article covers some of the rental vacations you can consider in the UK while on a budget.

·       Carbis bay apartment

It’s currently the leading rental lounge in the UK, with impressive views across the beach and beyond, incredible views over the Carbis bay beach and offers modern facilities like WI-FI and internet access. The apartment also looks into the mobility concerns of its client and provides them with parking facilities. It also provides electricity, gas, kitchen, utensils and all family facilities you could need. Carbis bay is quite a fantastic rental to secure for your vacation.

·       Marhamchurch house.

Marhamchurch house is a unique vacation rental to choose for your trip. It offers restaurants that bring about a relaxed environment, has a variety of accommodation options with enough space for your friends, family and close associates. The facility also offers kitchen and laundry facilities that suit extended groups. You can find several other rental houses atMarhamchurch house,including cottages, flats, cabins, and bungalows. Regardless of your reasons for your vacation, the Marhamchurch house is an excellent place to stay. There are several attractions within 50km from Marhamchurch: Bude beach, Bude sea pool, sandy mouth beach, Duck pool beach, and wide mouth bay beach.

·       St Ives apartment.

St Ives apartmenthas a range of apartments situated just a few meters from the lively harbour front. The place is open all year round and possesses its micro-climate. The facility also entertains clients, keeping them thrilled with surfing and stand up paddleboarding. St Ives has some independent shops with the best parlours and boutiques.

Having some of the best accommodation, St Ives is also known to be the best in town with complementary offers like standard coffee machines and WI-FI. All you need is to secure an apartment, relax and enjoy the goodies it has to offer at a negotiated price. It is also advisable to book ahead of your trip.

·       Trevone bungalow.

Trevone bungalow is a fantastic place to be visited by families for summer holidays, amazing walks along the coastal path and golfing breaks. Trevone bungalow is two miles from Padstow. It contains a great community and will have all your needs catered for, from a local farm shop, café store and places for hiring surfboards and wetsuits. The area is set in an outstanding natural beauty that provides fantastic scenes leading to Padstow and Harlyn. Trevone Bay is close to the rocky beach Newtrain that’s perfect for rock pooling or shell collecting. The place also features a swimming pool that offers quiet and relaxed times for swimming away from waves.

·       Bude cottage.

As you plan for a vacation in the UK, you could plan to spend your stay at Bude cottage. The cottage provides perfect resting places during your Cornwall holidays. Bude cottage is found on the Devon and North corn wall border. It’s ideal for family vacations and allows pets within the cottage. They offer fantastic sea views from the comfort of your cottage.

·       Port pendennis cottage.

It’s a large facility positioned within a walking distance to the waterside town of Falmouth. It has sandy beaches, shops, art galleries, perfect sailing opportunities, cafes and restaurants that serve locally caught seafood. The area has a special and unique eco- climate where sub-tropical plants thrive. The facility enables you to enjoy and meander around Falmouth Harbor, the third largest natural harbour globally. The facility has a lot to offer, especially when looking for a place to expend your energy.

In conclusion, it may seem hard, especially to newbies, to find vacation rentals on a budget. This article has made the process easier by highlighting some of the cheapest vacation rentals you can spend your UK vacation on. Once you have identified the vacation rental that suits you from the list, you can contact them to confirm the cost and any other information you may need to be clarified before making the booking.

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