Cat found pregnant and homeless seeking home

A ONE-year-old cat who was found heavily pregnant and homeless is looking for her forever home.

Her concerned finder saw the cat in distress and rushed her to Blue Cross in Radcliffe, where a foster home was quickly found to provide her with all the care she needed.

Named ‘Cleo’ she was taken to see a vet to treat an ulceration on her eyes, a flea infestation and ear mites. She gave birth to four kittens the following day.

Sadly one had a serious condition and the decision was made to euthanise, but happily the other three have all since found loving homes.

Cleo, however, has been left on the shelf and has been overlooked for over four months.

Charlotte Ayres, Animal Welfare Assistant at Blue Cross in Radcliffe said: “It is such a shame poor Cleo still hasn’t found a home. She has been homeless for far longer than other cats we rehome.

“She has a few ongoing health issues which may be putting people off but they are easily manageable and she’s such a lovely girl she deserves that extra bit of TLC.”

Cleo has a grade one heart murmur. It’s estimated that a third of all domesticated cats have some grading of a heart murmur, with a grade one being the lowest grade. She also has some low levels of vision in her right eye, but vets say that it doesn’t appear to be causing her any pain. She may also be prone to ear conditions that may need future treatment.

She is looking for a home with adults or adults or older children with no dogs or other cats. Ideally, she will be left no longer than 4 hours a day.

To find out more about Cleo and register your interest by completing a ‘homefinder’ form visit, you can also contact the centre on 0300 777 1592 or [email protected] Visit the website to find out more about other pets looking for a home in Radcliffe and how to make a donation towards the care of homeless pets at Blue Cross.

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