Afraid Of Losing Your Home? This Newark Workshop May Help

NEWARK, NJ — The following news release comes courtesy of United Community Corporation. Learn more about posting announcements or events to your local Patch site.

Despite New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy’s moratorium on evictions and foreclosures being extended through the end of 2020, residents throughout Essex County have a looming fear of losing their homes.

In an effort to ease that fear, the United Community Corporation has created various housing assistance programs for those in-need throughout Essex County. It most recently introduced a Mortgage Assistance and Foreclosure Prevention Program, which rounds out UCC’s stable of housing assistance programs alongside its Rapid Rehousing Program and its Homeless Prevention Program.

On Saturday, Oct. 10 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., the United Community Corporation will host an in-person seminar at West Side Park in Newark to help potential clients learn which program fits their needs best and how they can apply to receive that assistance. Interested parties must RSVP for the event no later than Thursday, Oct. 8 by contacting Housing Specialist Coordinator Pamela McNeill at [email protected] or Housing Counselor Damon Redmond over the phone at 201-294-1154 or via email at [email protected] Light refreshments will be served at the event.

“I put myself in the clients’ shoes. It could be me that needs the assistance,” McNeill said. “For me to be able to help people makes me feel good. It makes me feel like there is still some humanity out there. Having people thank me for my help is very gratifying and rewarding.”

The Mortgage Assistance and Foreclosure Prevention Program’s goal is to help Essex County residents that have exhausted all other retention options to avoid foreclosure. It will aid eligible clients whose homes are currently being foreclosed or are at high risk of foreclosure.

Clients that are eligible for Homeless Prevention can receive six months of rental aid as well as help with utility bills. The goal is to help clients maintain their housing not only during the period they are being helped but beyond as well.

The Rapid Rehousing Program will aid eligible homeless or newly evicted clients with a security deposit and three-to-six months of rent.

While McNeill’s role is in housing, she takes pride in helping clients beyond just their living situations.

“We’re not just helping them with one things, we’re helping them with multiple things,” McNeill said. “I can connect people with counseling if they’re depressed. We’re doing case management work. We’re coordinating people with other services that can help them. We don’t just pick up the phone and say if we can or can’t help you. What we do entails a lot.”

Clients can learn more about United Community Corporation’s housing assistance programs by attending the seminar on Saturday, Oct. 10, emailing McNeill at [email protected] or contacting Redmond at 201-294-1154 or [email protected]

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