30-Year-Old Man Who Hasn’t Had a Girlfriend in 10 Years Puts Himself up For Sale on Facebook

a dog looking at the camera: Source: Alan Ian Clayton/Facebook

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Source: Alan Ian Clayton/Facebook

Dating and relationships are hard and one is bound to experience hopelessness and frustration when looking for an ideal partner. One such lonely soul is a 30-year-old man from UK’s Northamptonshire who says he hasn’t had a date in a decade! Fed up of the same, Alan Clayton decided to try something unconventional and ended up putting himself up for sale on Facebook in a desperate search for a girlfriend. In the ad posted on September 10, Alan listed himself as ‘free’ and in a ‘good/used condition’ after having no luck with traditional dating apps. On Facebook, the advert read: ‘Hello there ladies. I’m Alan. I’m 30 years old. I’m looking for a lovely lady to talk to, maybe more, as I got a few weddings to go to and don’t want to go alone. Lol. I tried dating sites not had any luck so thought I give this a go. Lol.’

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And it worked! After he posted the ad, he has been inundated with messages from women across the UK. Although he got only one date so far, he is hopeful he will be able to find love soon and things will eventually work out.

“I’ve tried conventional apps like Tinder and Plenty of Fish but nothing has really happened so I went to sign up to e-Harmony. They asked me lots of questions and I suddenly thought why don’t I just advertise myself online on a bargain adverts page.

“I could only go two ways – people taking the mickey or finding someone. So far the response has been amazing,” he told Metro.

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