11 Best Large Bird Cages For Sale (2020)

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Large birds need a lot of space so they can stretch their wings and move around. It can be a challenge to find a cage that’s both decorative, functional, and so solid even the most crafty Macaw can’t figure out how to open the door. Perhaps it’s time to update the old cage and add some new toys and stands? They say a beautiful cage makes for a beautiful bird – here are some of the best large bird cages on the market right now.

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    Super Deal Pro Large Bird Cage


    • Solid doors with safety locks
    • Play-area included on top of cage
    • Bite safe lead-free powder coating
    • Individual doors by feeding dishes


    • Some assembly
    • Not appropriate for the largest bird breeds
    • Heavy at 45.1 pounds

    This is a beautifully designed wrought iron birdcage which would be the perfect home for an active bird. It comes with a play area and perch on top so you can get your feathered friend outside and have some fun with him. The cage includes five stainless feeding bowls and one interior wood perch where your bird can comfortably rest. You can easily store all your bird supplies on the built-in shelve and the bottom sand tray can be removed for easy cleaning. The cage sits on solid casters so it can be rolled around as needed. 

    The bird-area of the cage measures 25.4 by 25.4 inches and is 32.9 inches tall – the smaller cage is 61 inches tall and the larger is 68 inches tall when fully assembled. The bite resistant powder coating is non-toxic and lead-free.


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    Topeakmart Wrought Iron Bird Cage


    • Solid wrought iron with cute heart-detail
    • Two wooden perches included
    • Very roomy for a couple of smaller birds


    • No food bowls included
    • Cleaning tray is plastic
    • No toys or ladders included

    Here’s a large birdcage that may not come with a lot of bells and whistles, but is super easy to assemble and would be perfect for the first time bird keeper. It will easily fit a couple of budgies or zebra finches, or make a great home for a smaller parrot. It’s a quality cage that may be used in your house or out on your balcony. It is also a great cage for smaller pets and it’s used at pet clinics because it’s so versatile. 

    The cage comes with two wooden perches and a solid stand on casters. This is a big birdcage which measures 25.8 inches by 16.7 inches and 53.7 inches tall when sitting on its stand. The bird area measures 24.2 inches by 16.5 inches and 30 inches tall. The bar spacing is 0.4 inches and has a very cute heart detail. 

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    WesternPacific Large Stainless Dometop Steel Birdcage


    • Three easy to access swing out food bowls
    • Very thick bite resistant bars
    • Large front door for easy access


    • Not for small birds
    • Heavy
    • Assembly required

    Here is the ultimate birdcage for the parrot that’s large and in charge. Made out of stainless steel with 5-millimeter bars, this beautiful cage will hold up to the most persistent escape artist. This is the kind of cage you would see at a professional aviary and it is appropriate for the largest breeds of birds, like Macaws. Made out of medical grade stainless steel this cage will last for a long, long time, even with frequent cleanings. And it will not rust. 

    The outside of the cage measures 35 inches by 44 inches by 63.5 inches tall, with the birdcage itself measuring 26 inches by 36 inches and 56.5 inches tall. Because this is a cage for the largest and strongest bird breeds, the stainless steel bars are spaced 1 inch apart. The cage comes with one wooden perch and three water and food bowls that swing open. Among the extra-large birdcages on the market, this is the absolute top of the line. 

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    PawHut Hexagon Large Bird Cage


    • Mounted on six sturdy casters
    • Two-part ottom pulls out for easy cleaning
    • Four feed boxes and 2 wooden perches included


    • Not suitable for the largest parrots
    • Requires assembly
    • Heavy at 86 pounds

    This is a fancy birdcage that not only will serve as a home for happy birds but also add a whimsical touch to any decor. The cage comes in gray or white and has a beautiful metal cap, reminiscent of Victorian birdcages. But don’t be fooled by the quaint looks: this is a quality birdcage with plenty of room for your feathered friends to stretch their wings. The spacing between the bars is 0.5 inches and the cage measures 44 inches by 34 inches and is a whopping 79 inches tall. The cage itself measures 34 inches across and is 44 inches tall. 

    Four feed boxes and two wooden perches are included and the bottom pulls out easily for cleaning. It’s a large birdcage but it’s easy to move because it comes on six casters. It also a handy and easy to access storage shelf below the cage. Overall it’s a very classy set up for smaller parrots and budgies. 

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    Mcage Play Top Large Birdcage


    • Large front door with lock
    • Two domed ladders and toy stand on top
    • Easy pullout tray for cleaning


    • Solid top cover may not work for all birds
    • Assembly may take some time
    • Bars may not be sturdy enough for cage testing birds

    This extra-large parrot cage could be the perfect solution for a playful larger bird because it comes with a playground on top. Your bird will love climbing the ladders and playing with his favorite toy hanging from the included stand. The top of the cage is solid so any mishaps during playtime won’t soil the cage. This cage measures 32 inches by 30 inches by 78 inches (to the top of the play stand). The birdcage itself is 24 inches by 22 inches by 35 inches tall, so it’s not quite big enough for the largest birds. 

    It’s made of wrought iron covered with a non-toxic powder coating. The bars are 5/8 inches apart and the cage comes with four stainless steel feeding cups mounted individual doors, a system that helps prevent seed spillage. The bottom slides out easily for cleaning and the large front door has a security lock. This is a lot of cage for the money.

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    JAXPETY walk-in bird house and aviary


    • Lots of room to soar and fly
    • Lightweight aluminum is rust and stain resistant
    • Ligth and airy design


    • Only for outdoor use
    • No toys or perches
    • No feeding bowls

    This is much more than a large birdcage: It’s an aviary. The lucky birds who get to soar around this spacious enclosure outside will return to their indoor cages as if they’d been on a small vacation. The aviary has a door that’s tall enough for a person to walk through – just imagine sitting there on the grass while your feathered friends fly around you. Each side in the sturdy hexagonal design is 4 feet long and the structure is 7.7 feet tall – that’s a lot of space for even the biggest macaw. The door is 22 inches wide and 68 inches tall. 

    Made of sturdy aluminum panels, this aviary is rust and tarnish resistant and the light panels allow your birds to look around and get a real sense of freedom. The holes in the aluminum panels are 1 inch by 0.7 inches and the mesh is 0.15 inches thick. The aviary would be a gorgeous addition to any bird lover’s backyard and would truly improve the life of your birds. 

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    Wrought Iron Corner Parrot Cage


    • Slide-out tray for easy cleaning
    • Surround seed skirt reduces mess
    • Top opens to create play area


    • Gauge not high enough for birds who chew
    • Assembly is a bit difficult because of corner-shape
    • Not suitable for the largest bird breeds

    If you are short on space but would like a large birdcage for smaller birds, then this corner cage may be the solution you’ve been looking for. It fits snugly into a corner of your living room, a location that protects your birds from drafts while allowing them a good view of everything going on around them. It has two large wooden perches and two swing feeder gates and a seed skirt that will catch most of the shells and seeds left behind by an active feeder. The cage has four access doors and you can open the top and turn it into a playspace. 

    The spacing between the bars is 1/2 inch and the gauge is 3/32 – fine for smaller breeds like budgies, parakeets, conures, and love birds. Though it fits in a corner it’s still a large cage measuring 30 inches by 30 inches and 64 inches tall. Mounted on casters it’s easy to move out for cleaning the cage – with a convenient slide-out tray – or cleaning around the cage. Powder-coating is lead-free and non-toxic and you can get the cage in either black or white. This is a fabulous solution for a smaller space.

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    PawHut Wooden Outdoor Large Bird Cage


    • Asphalt roof for sun protection
    • Two doors with secure bolt locks
    • Shabby chic design


    • Temporary outdoor use only
    • Not for very large birds
    • Not water resistant

    This is a lovely outdoor birdcage/playhouse for the citybound bird with access to a patio or balcony. Think of it as your bird’s vacation cabin: built on a solid fir wood frame with powder-coated metal grids for excellent ventilation this large playhouse is just like going to the lake. Like any good cabin, this playhouse has a shabby chic look and it comes with four perches and two small doors with bolt locks no curious beak can pry open. 

    It has an asphalt roof to protect against sun and light showers. The large birdcage is constructed high feet, keeping your birds off drafty grounds and other curious animals out of your birds’ space. The whole playhouse measures 31.75 inches by 22.5 inches by 62.5 inches tall, making it perfect for doves, love birds, and budgies. This is a fabulous option for your bird’s outdoor recreation space. 


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    Prevue Pet Products Stainless Steel Playtop Large Birdcage


    • Two front doors with two locks
    • Ladder and perch on playtop
    • Solid casters with brakes


    • 7/8 inch wire spacing means it’s not for small birds
    • Assembly required
    • Solid play top shades for daylight inside cage

    This is a luxury bird home completely made out of stainless steel – it is so sturdy it could be the last birdcage you ever need. But the all-steel construction doesn’t mean it’s not cozy and functional. The large interactive play top is easy to access from the cage: just slide out the top and your bird can head right on up for hours of fun and play. 

    The large birdcage comes on four solid casters with brakes – once you park this thing it’s not going to move no matter how much Polly jumps around. The steel food and water cups lock in place and the large front door has two locks, just in case you have a flight happy parrot. The birdcage measures 31 1/2 inches by 23 5/8 inches and is 61 1/4 inches tall to the top of the play area. The wires are high gauge at 10 and 11 and spaced 7/8 inch apart – this is solid construction – but any parrot lover knows that’s needed to keep your bird safe. 

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Getting a bird is a committed relationship, are you ready?

Birds are in your life for a long time, and that’s something to really consider before you get one. Macaw Parrot, for instance, is a large colorful bird (think pirate parrot) that easily lives to be 60 years old. They are highly intelligent and very social animals that don’t do well in isolation. The bond they form with their human owners is deeply satisfying which is one reason they make popular pets. However, they need a large cage to call home and room to fly freely and stretch their wings. The World Parrot Trust is a great place to find out more about these large, stunning birds and their needs.

Which size cage it the right for my bird?

Depending on who you ask there is general agreement that bigger is better – from there on it’s a matter of how many birds you have, where you are going to place the cage, and whether you can let the birds out to fly. It’s recommended that the depth of the cage is at least three times your bird’s wingspan, and the width two-and-a-half times the wingspan. Keep in mind that every toy, perch, and feeding dish you add to even the largest birdcage will take away space from your bird.

How do you chose  the right bird for your household?

There are lots of things to take into consideration before you get a bird. If you don’t like a lot of messy feathers and seeds on the floor, you may be happiest with smaller birds like Budgies (also known as Parakeets) or finches. Some birds like Conures and Cockatoos can be very loud – if you are more of a birdsong type of person, perhaps pick a Canary instead. If you want your bird to perform the ultimate parrot trick of talking then an African Gray or Amazon parrot is a good bet, but there is never any guarantee your bird will learn how to talk no matter which breed you get. Some species, like certain Macaws, are becoming endangered because they have been captured in the wild for decades. If your heart is set on a large bird, please consider adopting a bird through a local organization or a site like PetFinder.

Does my bird really need toys?

Yes, absolutely and there is a very good reason why: parrots are curious, active birds that need something to do. If they don’t have a stimulating environment they will create one by breaking out of their cage, destroying food bowls, and coming up with all sorts of other antics to show their frustration. The Best Friends Society recommend that you get different types of bird toys: toys for foraging and food – where your bird has to work for a treat by manipulating a box, a ball, or a mesh bag; hanging toys – which gives your bird a great place to climb, hang and swing around; and foot toys, that can be picked up by your parrot using his feet. And remember to buy plenty because you’ll want to rotate the toy selection to keep your bird stimulated and active. 


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