BMW owner spots own car for sale on Facebook Market in scam | 1 NEWS

Tony Bing’s attempt to sell his car quickly turned strange, after he began receiving messages from a site he’d never placed an ad.

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When Tony saw a surge of interest in his listing, he discovered something untoward on Facebook Market.

Source: Seven Sharp

He had put his BMW on Trade Me for $15,000. Initially, there wasn’t too much interest.

Then suddenly the messages started flooding in.

“[There were] people wanting to come and look at the car. Did I still have it? ‘I’ll be round in half an hour to see it’,” Bing told Seven Sharp. 

“Everyone’s really keen to look at this car all of a sudden. And then someone said, ‘Is the price still reduced to $6000?’.”

Investigating, Bing discovered something untoward on Facebook Market.

His Trade Me ad had been duplicated and added to Facebook – with the price reduced

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