Singapore tightens security requirements for new home routers

Come April 13 next year, home routers will have to meet new security requirements before they can be put up for sale in Singapore. These include unique login credentials and default automatic downloads of security patches. 

The new mandate is aimed at improving the security of these devices, which are popular targets amongst malicious hackers who are looking to breach home networks, according to industry regulator Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA). Stipulated as being part of the country’s Technical Specifications for Residential Gateways, the enhanced security requirements were finalised following an earlier consultation exercise that sought feedback from the public and industry. 

While these mandates are set to come into effect from 13 April 2021, home routers previously approved by IMDA will be allowed to remain on sale until October 12 next year.

Users of existing home routers will not need to change their current routers, but they are encouraged

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The first lab-grown meat for sale could come from this Singapore startup that’s re-creating shrimp

Singapore-based Shiok Meats has re-created shrimp meat in its lab. The company aims to also produce crab and lobster. (Comrade / For The Times)

© (Comrade / For The Times)
Singapore-based Shiok Meats has re-created shrimp meat in its lab. The company aims to also produce crab and lobster. (Comrade / For The Times)

In an industrial corner of Singapore, multiplying steadily in bioreactors heated precisely to 82 degrees, real shrimp meat is being grown from samples of the crustacean’s microscopic cells.

Fed a nutrient-rich soup meant to mimic its diet in the wild, a single cell can reproduce over a trillion times into a mound of gray translucent flesh. Think of it as meat growing without all the other parts of the animal, including that chalky black vein.

The venture is being led by Sandhya Sriram and a team of scientists, who are attempting to upend one of the cornerstones of dim sum. Sriram’s company, Shiok Meats, is named after Singaporean slang used to declare something delicious.

Similar work is being done across

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Singapore Property Market Weathers Recession as Home Prices Rise

Views of Singapore as Prime Minister says Covid-19 to ‘Weigh Heavily’ on City-State's Economy

Photographer: Wei Leng Tay/Bloomberg

Singapore home prices rose last quarter as low interest rates and huge government stimulus helped the property market weather the city-state’s worst recession.

Property values increased 0.8% in the three months ended Sept. 30, according to the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s preliminary estimate released Thursday.

The stronger-than-expected result prompted analysts to revise forecasts, saying prices may rise as much as 1.5% this year, having previously estimated declines of as much as 6%.

The figures, which come on the back of an 11-month high in home sales, signal the property market is recovering after a two-month lockdown to combat the coronavirus. To cushion the economic fallout, the government unleashed more than S$100 billion ($73.3 billion) of stimulus. It has since relaxed virus curbs and lifted travel restrictions for tourists from Australia and Vietnam.

“The property market remained resilient in spite of the uncertainties in

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