Tesla reverts to again not sharing pictures of used cars for sale

Tesla has once again changed its used car policy. It is reverting back to not sharing pictures of its used vehicles for sale.

Since Tesla doesn’t use the dealer model, it has arguably the greatest hold on the used car market for its own vehicles.

It gets a steady flow of used vehicles from leases ending and Tesla owners upgrading to the latest models.

Over the years, Tesla has made several changes to its used car program, previously pre-owned certified, or remarketed vehicles.

In 2017, Tesla introduced a new kind of warranty for certified pre-owned cars (CPO) that included a while refurbishing process.

At the time, the biggest issue is that Tesla didn’t share actual pictures of the used vehicles and instead only shared “rendered images”:

Tesla later allowed owners to actually request pictures of the used vehicles before buying them.

It was around the same time Tesla stopped “refurbishing”

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