Many Retailers, From Belk To Home Depot, Retire The Annual Columbus Day Sale

It seems as though the annual Columbus Day Sales promotion has finally run its course. Retailers have largely abandoned the event. Once a profit generator for department stores and downtown shopping districts, the Columbus Day Sale has become a liability.

The depiction of an explorer who enslaved and brutalized native inhabitants of the West Indies brought Columbus front and center during recent demonstrations. Many no longer celebrate Columbus as a skilled navigator and the discoverer of America.

The controversy behind Columbus Day is nothing new and has been brewing for several decades. But after a year that included calls for social reform, the removal of statues and monuments, and retail sales declines and closures, 2020 became the year to retire the Columbus Day Sale.


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Why Retailers And Landlords Should Crunch Real Estate Data To Survive Covid-19

Managing Director, AI at Leverton, An MRI Software Company. Helping companies get smarter using AI for Data Extraction & Contract Analytics.

Working for a global provider of real estate technology, I’ve seen many industries profoundly tested by the Covid-19 crisis in recent months, as hardly anyone first grasped the fundamental impact the pandemic was having on commercial properties. Few sectors have faced the challenges retail has in this area, with both retailers and their landlords facing tough questions about their lease portfolios. We have seen a 40%-plus rise in requests for software from clients of both types to review their leases.

There is good reason for this. Businesses in the retail sector must leverage data if they hope to maintain the strength that they need to come out of the coronavirus crisis and remain in a healthy position. Whether a company is a retailer leasing space for stores,

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