An Interview With RE/MAX’s Finance Chief

The real estate industry has been disrupted in 2020, but not necessarily to its detriment. In a recent Q&A with Karri Callahan, CFO of the global, franchise-based real estate company RE/MAX, I discussed a variety of issues related to her company and industry, as well as broader topics for finance professionals in the 21st century. In the first part of a two-part series, I asked Karri about how Covid-19 has impacted the real estate industry and how she as CFO has addressed new challenges and opportunities. Additionally, I asked her about RE/MAX’s franchise model and how a central finance leader can effectively manage a sprawling network of brokers all over the world while maintaining a strong company culture

Jeff Thomson: The real estate market tends to suffer in an economic downturn. In the Covid-19 downturn, real estate has

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