Lakeland, Florida’s ‘iconic’ swans for sale for safety reasons, reducing costs

Later this month, around 30 of the beloved swans at Lake Morton in downtown Lakeland, Florida, will be for sale to the public.

“The magic number that we try to keep our swans around is about 65, and we’re suspecting that we have got well over 80 right now,” said Kevin Cook, director of communications for the city of Lakeland.

Cook said swans have inhabited the lake since about 1923. However, after the last remaining swan had a run-in with an alligator in 1954, the lake was left swanless — until a concerned resident wrote to Queen Elizabeth II of Britain asking for a donation of two of her swans.

The queen agreed to donate a pair of her mute swans, which arrived at Lake Morton in 1957.

Today, at least 80 mute swans reside on the densely populated lake, raising concerns about safety. In the last two years, Cook

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