Wisconsin Residents React to Damage Caused to Homes and Businesses During Chaotic Night In Wauwatosa

WAUWATOSA, Wisc. — A caravan of Black Lives Matter protesters had made it about 6 miles from Milwaukee to Wauwatosa Wednesday evening before being stopped by police in riot gear. Rioters in the crowd began to throw projectiles at the police line, prompting officers to deploy tear gas and pepper balls.

It was a scene that has been played out, too often, in American cities since late May, except this time it was not taking place in the downtown area of a major city. It was happening in residential neighborhoods. The protests were sparked after Wauwatosa officer Joseph Mensah was not charged in a shooting that led to the death of 17-year-old Alvin Cole. Cole was killed on February 2 when he opened fire on officers.

Prior to the confrontation, some in the BLM crowd had smashed windows or threw large rocks through windows of businesses along their path. Businesses

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Oakland artists react to popular venue going up for sale

Host to some of Oakland’s liveliest comedy nights, concerts, dance parties and karaoke over the past five years, Starline Social Club felt like home for many local artists and musicians. Now, the club, bar and restaurant housed in a three-story historic Victorian has some sad news: The building and business are going up for sale, as first reported by KQED.

Starline has remained closed for most of the pandemic, apart from a short stint doing takeout food and cocktails. Rather than wait for a lifeline for struggling music venues during the pandemic, the club’s four owners decided to sell rather than risk a potential foreclosure. They’re hoping whoever purchases the 8,520-square-foot, $3.2 million building and $300,000 business preserves Starline’s role as a community arts space.

“We’re not worried about our own egos and attachment to the business,” co-owner Drew Bennett told KQED. “Our primary goal is to land the baby

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