Holliday Haven goes up for sale for the second time in 170 years | Living

ABERDEEN • Since it was built in 1850, Holliday Haven has only been home to two families: the Hollidays, who built it; their descendants; and the Seymers.

Because upkeep on the 5,800-square-foot Greek Revival mansion and its five acres of property is a challenge, the Seymers are ready to downsize and pass it onto the next family.

“We’ve reached that age when we can’t keep it like we want to,” said Emily Seymer.

Her husband, Tom Seymer, purchased the historic home in July 1993 and moved in a few months later after making a few improvements to the home.

“We’ve enjoyed living here and we’re the first family outside of the descendants who have lived here. No one has ever moved out,” he said.

He bought the home from Adeliann Eastham of Starkville, who inherited it after Carolyn Sauter passed away in 1993. Leading up to her death, five generations

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