A piece of Fleet Street history: Katharine Whitehorn’s desk for sale | Media

They were inspiring and entertaining words that helped set the tone for more than just one era of social change. Katharine Whitehorn’s 60 years of provocative, useful and funny journalism and books were all typed up at a large wooden desk in a busy family living room.

Now that desk, a piece of classic Danish design as well as vintage Fleet Street history, is to go under Bonhams the auctioneer’s hammer to raise money for a charity that cares for people with Alzheimer’s disease.

The celebrated Observer columnist and author of the totemic 1961 handbook Cooking in a Bedsitter is now 92 and one of the many to suffer with the debilitating condition.

Her home of many decades in Hampstead, north London, has now been sold following her move into a nearby care home, and this Wednesday her sons are to offer her original Kai Kristiansen desk, with all its

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